Celebrating International Day of Yoga

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Celebrating international day of yoga

Celebrating International Day of Yoga helps to create an awareness about the necessity of yoga in the intervention of health. It has become a daily inclusion in the day to day routine helping us to maintain a good mental and physical status. It spreads the vibrance of energy between each and every individual. International yoga day was celebrated in greens with this entwined vibrance of energy. Early 7 all the staff and guest joined the event setting themselves in the yoga mat and it started with meditation under the instruction of our guest kerry clancey(yoga instructor and healing therapist). Everyone had a keen interest in following the directions. The clubbing of asanas and meditations provided peacefulness and transparency of mind. That discrepancy of mind and body showed how much the body needs it everyday. Moreover in this busy scheduled and stress filled life it should be incorporated in essential. The yoga classes conducted everyday in greens helps to improvise their condition both physically and mentally.

As per ayurvedic cure our sleep ,bowel and appetite  should be in harmony to attain a faster healing . Yoga helps unwind at the end of the day and gives better sleep at night. Several asanas like hastha padasana(standing forward bend), shavasana(corpse posture), marjariasana(cat stretch pose) and yoga nidra along with meditation is very useful.The daily practice of pranayama (breathing exercise) helps the vata dosha move in normal passage. It brings about integration of involuntary mechanism, it improves postural tones. Daily breathing exercise sets up a cortical neural activity,which control many involuntary activities also since it involves lot of attention and concentration of mind followed by an initiation of relaxed emotional state it helps to set a good mental status. You can also check the Top Yoga poses for better Digestion.

As a beginner we have to learn to breathe in a slow synchronized manner. Do a warm up exercise and small stretching exercise and wind up with cooling down exercises and  shavasana (corpse posture). Day by day  beginning with asanas in standing postures and later on in sitting postures helps the body become easily flexible. In between relaxing postures has to be done. Empty stomach is mandatory when performing yogic practice. It provides a lightness of the body and helps in easy movements. The person should be in light clothes and in a calm environment undisturbed by external intrusions. Yoga as a part of swasthavrtta(preventive medicine). 
In ayurveda is profoundly deep science that needs a wide view of understanding. It will be most beneficial if we gain knowledge to  step into this most excitary and unbound happiness. 

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