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A bright career as a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner requires advanced skill sets to determine ailments and treat them by using ayurvedic medicines, yoga and meditation. They can also carry on with general health improvement, disease control and prevention practices which stress on lifestyle changes and better dietary choices. Credibility and clinical expertise of a certified practitioner rely mainly on experience and the association with licensed hospitals and similar health centres.

Key Features

  • Can start own centres or join hospitals as a staff practitioner.
  • Involved with health improvement, disease prevention and control.
  • Can functions as a nutritionist.
  • Work includes lifestyle consultancy.
  • Expert in herbal medicine and can prescribe them.
  • Can start Yoga.


Greens Ayurveda is a certified training centre that imparts clinical expertise to students by trained and skilled ayurvedic professionals with the aid of a well-crafted syllabus in a time bound fashion. The curriculum aim at blending the spirituality, philosophy and medicinal facets of Ayurveda to transmit the essence and wisdom of this ancient health science in the most efficient manner possible. The courses hone the skills of students making them confident and qualified to become a certified instructor.


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