Special Karkidakam Ayurveda Treatment and Food for Health Benefits

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Special-Ayurvedic-Treatment-and-Food-in-Karkidakam-for-Health-BenefitsMonsoon season has a very heart throbbing effect in the minds of people .The shattering rainfalls, chilling winds and the marshy sunken earth with smell of  muddy water. Apart from the earthily beauties the health systems are greatly influential under this climatic condition. Diet has a very high supporting role in these circumstances. During monsoon season as per ayurvedic concept the agni(digestive activity)is weak.The already debilitated agni in the summer season further gets decreased and finally gets vitiated by doshas. The doshas get aggravated by the effect of thick clouds full of water, cold wind, warmth and sourness of the earth. Here comes the importance of karkidakam ayurveda treatment

The doshas and poor digestive strength start affecting one another and causes many diseases. So we have to plan diets and medicines that improve digestive strength and thereby mitigate the doshas.

Karkidaka kanji is the most beneficial karkidakam food among them. It is a special preparation made during the month of karkidakam. A preparation with red rice and addition of few herbal preparations.

Red rice is considered as the most nourishing ingredient which help us in muscular strength. It is also very easy to digest. It is one of the essential ingredient in rejuvenating treatment. In the degenerated and osteoporotic condition and weaknesses daily intake of red rice is found to be useful. It has a plenty of anti oxidants and yet proven to be good for the skin. It helps to balance the vitiation of tridoshas.

Additionally  added medicines have its multiple effect in the body. Dasamoola is one such combination of 10 medicinal plant roots. Each of the plant is endowed with incredible medicinal properties and they act synergistically in combination .It has potent anti inflammatory, anti oxidant and moderate analgesic actions .It is a neuro protective and uterine tonic. It provides strength to the body and improves functions of organs .It tones muscles and soothes nerves.

Dasapushpa is yet another inevitable ingredients .It denotes the ten sacred flowers of kerala. It has several medicinal values. It is widely used in the folklore practices for lithiases, gonorrhea, vomiting, intermittent fever ,indigestion ,skin diseases, flatulence and genitor urinary system disorders. Fenugreek and cumin enhances the digestive process. It is helpful in heartburn and reduces acidic reflux, gas bloating and indigestion. Trikatu( a combination of piper longum, piper nigrum, Zingiber officinalis) another adjuvant in this recipe helps in rejuvenating our body cells and also helps in preventing any infection or inflammation of gastric mucosa. It increases our appetite and inhibits there formation of gas and thus helps in proper digestion of food. Trikatu enhances rapid absorption of nutrients and enhances metabolic activity. It can remove the toxins from the body.

This special preparation if taken for atleast a week during the month of karkidaka will help us to improve digestion, enhance immunity and acts as a detoxifying agent. Ingredients of kanji can be selected according to the health condition of the individual and also herbs can be selectively used or added according to the therapeutic condition.

For more,watch this video: How to prepare Karkidaka kanji

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