The Power of Mind: How it Help you to Lead a Healthy Life

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power of mindOur mind is a true puzzle that can only be solved through our attitude and judgement.It has an enormous healing power beyond limitations.The only thing is get away from the coccoon stage to perform in an open stage of lifes drama.The melancholy, stress and fear dissolves in this openness.  

Ayurveda emphazises and mostly believes in this healing power  of mind that it has become a non restrained part of cure. Ayurvedic consultations has an interwoven form of mental and physical cure that includes dosha desha kala,bala,anala,prakruti,vaya,satwam,satmyam and ahara. Dosha- humours that sustains life in balanced form; dhathus that helps to rule the metabolic error;desam- involves the habitat in which a person live; kalam-the climate that has become the most influential in many diseases; balam involving the strength and immunity of the person;analam- the digestive phenomenons,its errors and wellness; prakruthi- the body constitution that are determined at the very beginning of the intra uterine life; vayah- age of the person since most diseases are closely related to the age; satvam- the inner concious,mind its strenghth and quality and finally ahara-the food that we eat.(Also read: The Six Different Tastes in Ayurveda). These analysis helps in understanding and going in depth of an individual.

These  unique feature in an individual  gives an analytical knowledge of what medicine has to be given to him.Hence the medication that are given to any two individual having same diseases may vary considerably  as each individual is considered as unique in ayurveda. Going into depth of individual maintain a good acquaintanence with the patient and doctor. The patient doctor relationship also works as a phenomenal criteria in resolving an illness. Several skin diseases and digestive issues are seen closely related to the states of mind. An agitated mind is always a showcase of diseases. We should resort to many resolving techniques that can divert this  turbulence of  mind and hence  improve its quality. Check out here for the best yoga poses for better digestion.

Pranayama are yet the most resourceful exercise and the most simplest one that can calm the mind, help free thinking and provide peacefulness and feeling of lightness. Daily exercise,meditation,pranayama and doing something even the minute ones that make us happy provide an undefined happiness that can enlighten the mind and soul because certain medication do not function until there is a phsychological willingness. Only interrogation can truly reveal the actual problem whether it is of mind or body. Hence we should not hesitate to ask questions that can reveal a person in totality  so a phsychosomatis cure can be given.Always we have to keep in mind that symptomatic relief  is not all wanted for a person.He needs a relief of the inner within that always pursue his wellbeing.

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