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    Sr. Clara
    Banglore, 2018

    Greens is a miracle house. This is my second visit. I came here with Cervical spondylosis and sciatica. The rejuvenating treatment here gave me hope. It set me again on my foot. Hats off to the doctors and the staff who make the healing process faster with their personal, friendly presence. May God continue to heal everyone through them. I wish more people could benefit from this center.

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    Isabella Noor
    Dubai, UAE. 2018

    Thank you Dr Asghar and the wonderful team of Lady Doctors in Greens! Greens a haven located in the small quiet and friendly village of Azhiyur in Kerala… Come to this Healing Paradise on Earth where you will be treated with exceptional kindness and humanity. For 10 years now, I have been going regularly. Its a breath of Life, and a place where you know you will give your body the opportunity to be taken care of, for treating all health conditions.

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    Minsk, Belarus, 2018

    We came to Kerala from Belarus. Our group of 7 was treated in the Greens from 3 to 17 January. We loved the team of the clinic. This is a wonderful people — positive, kind, attentive, caring.

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    Belarus, Minsk. 2018

    Coming back from Greens where we had treatment of panchakarma I as well as the others in the group feel very happy to have been there. Very good and professional staff, nice and friendly atmosphere, interesting things to learn about ayurveda.. It could be better if a center was somewhere in the nature somewhere peace and quiet and far from real life, but soon we forget about this because the atmosphere inside is special and besides ayurveda is part of your everyday life, not smth existing in a ideal surrounding.. to tell you the truth even though we also saw the real life when you go to the sea shore and see garbage, but even more u see a lot of very friendly smiling people that bring you no harm and happy to see you.. Every morning we went to the beach and enjoyed sunrise and then every day we had yoga classes with very good yoga teacher.. life in clinic was quiet friendly and peaceful.. Thank you, Doctor Asghar and ur team for your hospitality and the way you help people from early morning to late evening

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    Lucilla Hammond
    Australia, 2018

    I have recently spend 3 months at Greens studying and receiving treatments. And Wow, what an experience. If you are looking for an authentic experience and traditional training in Ayurveda look no further. This is it.
    As a Westerner studying for 3 months, it certainly had its moments, adjusting to the Indian style and approach. If you are looking for resort style here, you will be disappointed. But if you are looking for a deep dive into the full experience of traditional Ayurveda and modern Indian culture this place is for you.
    The study is comprehensive and covers all you would want to know and more. The different elements, pharmacy, cookery, beauty, massage, panchakarma make the 3 month course very complete and very interesting. I would highly recommend this to someone is wanting a full submersion.
    Oh, and I haven’t mentioned yet the beautiful people that work and teach at Greens. Greens very definitely has a BIG heart. Thank you to you all. Love and miss you!!

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    Three years ago I started to study Ayurveda in Greens. After that, I study a lot but basis that I got in Greens is the most important and pure knowledge. I hope to come back here for Dravyaguna course. There is pharmacy here and you can see how real vaidya cooked ayurvedic medicine. It is very special experience.

    Rooms and treatment cabinets are cozy, clean and tidy. And special attraction here food for patients and students. It is very tasty and fresh and of course ayurvedic.

    There are several specialties here. You can study one or take the whole course of panchakarma, nutrition, dravyaguna, beauty treatment.

    Also I was experienced in treatment too while I was studing. I just say that doctors and Ayurveda fixed my health issue which western medicine treat only with life hormone therapy.

    Dear doctor Asghar and team, I cannot repay for my recovered health and for all knowledge you gave me! Thank you!

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    This is our third visit to Greens Ayurveda Center. The quality of the treatments is excellent and each person has his personally adapted cares. It is amazing how even serious pathologies obtain good relief after only a short period. Medical and paramedical staff shows great attention, patience and kindness and does its most to satisfy your requirements. The vegetarian food is simple but tasty and follows ayurvedic rules. The rooms are simple but all that is necessary is there. Some are better located than others, so enquire when booking. Whether you follow courses or not, you will get here a usefull insight in the Ayurvedic way of life.

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    Antonio Pleite
    Spain, 2017

    I have been coming to Greens for a few years now, first I came on my own for my personal Panchakarma Treatment couple of times. Later on I came with a friend. That was just the beginning…Doctors, therapists and all staff are well coordinated and work together with great disposition but mostly with a fantastic “no problem attitude”.The facilities are simple, yet clean and comfortable, and the staff runs it very well.I am very grateful in how the staff at Greens have always look after us so well.Two more trips are already planned, needless to say that I strongly recommend the visit.

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    Amit Gupta
    Newyork, 2017

    I am a US Physician, have been to Greens since 2012, and have studied Ayurveda for many years. I’ve also experienced Ayurveda treatments in other Kerala “resorts”. So, why do I choose Greens- 3 main reasons:

    1)  It was a great pleasure for me to do the Yoga Therapy program with Dr. Padmanabhan. Atmaram, another yoga teacher, who is a lifelong yogi himself, has immense knowledge and imparts not only yoga “posture” knowledge, but its spiritual basis. So with the combination of Atmaram and Dr. Padmanabhan, you are sure to come out knowledgeable in yoga therapy, clinical basis, yoga philosophy/sutras, and spiritual journey one can take with yoga.

    2) Vaidya Karuna, the chief pharmacist, in his 80’s, has immense knowledge of Ayurveda pharmacy and makes amazing medicines in the Greens pharmacy.

    3) The Greens family attitude: anyone who has been here, knows well, how wonderful the people there are. Very caring, always attending to your needs as best they can and within limits of their capabilities.

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    Brisbane, Australia, 2017

    I have been at Greens for 8 months doing study treatments and panchkarma. The love and kindness I have received has been wonderful. The staff are sincere and caring and very professional they and Dr Asghar are expert in Ayurveda and the traditional ancient medicines. There pharmacist is 82 years old and has been making traditional herbal medicines since he was 15 years old and he comes from an Ayurvedic family. Greens Ayurveda is truly authentic. If your wanting to experience something amazing and heal then I recommend you go to Greens

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    France, Nov 2010

    I became a “GREENS ADDICT !!!”. Dr. Asghar do u have an ayurvedic treatment for this addiction ??? This is so difficult to leave such a wonderful place and such a wonderful staff!! Thanks to all of you, For your kindness your smiles and your generosity !.

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    Karen Shattuckk
    USA, Nov 2011

    I Love every single one of you . Thank you to everyone for making this experience life changing. Truly feel I have a family here and a place to call home in India. Will see you all again soon! Much love and happiness.

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    Sayuri Rodan
    Japan, April 2013

    My 14 weeks staying at Greensayurveda was just amazing….!!! And this place is magic, because many wonderful people came to visit here from all over the world. Thank you so much Greens….!!!

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    Indonesia, Jan 2013

    Greensayurveda is a perfect reflection of kindness and generosity, smiles and love. If you are looking for knowledge, this is the place, lots to share in a very professional and easy going way. If you need to heal, best care you will get here, tenderness and love.

  • Dr. Yvette & Dr. Daniel

    Great cultural program (absorb eye of the inhabitants) allowing us to know the society outside. Treatment was effective immediately. Later we will better appreciate his long term effects. I loved to be a doctor, an occidental one now and there. I love to be a patient for this ancestral holistic Ayurveda medicine. I enjoyed the massages (a must), the vegetarian cooking and to meet people from all over the world.

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    The days I was at Dr. Asghar’s hospital were very warm heartening. He and his staff are so very friendly and available, before being efficient. The massages were relaxing and especially the head massage was unique for me-never I felt the same before!! With love and light for all and thank you very much.

  • Raajiv Yaduvanshi

    An excellent facility for Ayurvedic treatment run by qualified personnel with a personnel touch and care in a beautiful & serene environment. Keep it up & best wishes for growth & success.

  • Christne Rizkalla
    Egypt, Nov 2009

    Thank you for teaching me more than Ayurveda,, serving with much love and passion, being genuinely intimate with the person before even knowing the person, being professional while keeping joy and fun! Keep it up. You made it more than Ayurveda for me. And I learned a lot. Thank you for the knowledge, love, support and continuous efforts.

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    Tabitha Karoker
    Canada, July 2010

    Greensayurveda is a beautiful place full of beautiful people. I will miss the smiles, the laughs, the peaceful environment & most of all the friendship shared with all of the staff. I pray that all of you will receive the same love & joy in your lives that you so freely give to others. This is really a good thorough balanced program. I will be able to use this knowledge when I go home (massage, simple preparation of medicine, facials, cooking, lifestyle).

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    Hungary, Nov 2011

    Thank you for holding my hand, thank you for showing me miracles in this strange colorful enchanting paradise!…and of course I say thank you for my new friends ! I always wanted a brother, now I have one. I will never ever forget these days. Lots of love

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    Helen Keane
    Ireland, Jan 2012

    I came to here to study Indian cooking & however I got much more. .. My experience at Ayugreen was definitely good for the mind body and soul. Thank you so much Dr Asghar, Sumi and all the teachers and therapists who brought the spring back in to my step.

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    Svetlana Schelkanova
    Russia, Aug 2013

    It is great that I’ve had an opportunity to stay at Greens. This is the place to be recommended to my friends…! Living here I feel like I’m in a big family. Dear Dr. Asghar thanks for gathering such good people around you!

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    Fran Middleton
    Chili, Nov 2011

    You can’t imagine how grateful and amazed that I have come to this wonderful place. I am happy with what I have learned energy, we breathe is much peace and love. This has allowed me to heal my wounds of the soul and starts something new in my life bringing all of in my heart as an example of goodwill, dedication patience, concern and love. Here I feel like home. Hope to return soon.

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    Pascal Manso
    France, Feb 2014

    To know Dr. Asghar is something very special and unique. My first encounter with this wonderful man was magical…! Thank you for taking such good care of my group and me with love, simplicity, responsibility, joy and professionalism.

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    Julia Sprenger
    Russia, April 2013

    India is undoubtedly the best place to get to know Ayurveda- the healing philosophy near. Thank you very much for your help and for teaching me another dimension of thinking, of acceptance, of satisfaction and of self trust..!

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    Estelle Chapuliot
    France, April 2016

    I stayed 3 weeks at Greens but I have learnt so much that I feel that I stayed longer. Great staff, under the direction of a great man. Thank you Dr. Asghar for all the attention you gave me. I can only encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing. I am another person now, thanks to everybody at Greens (doctors, therapists, but also friends I met here!)Estelle

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    I have been here for 3 months and became a part of Greens family! People here are great assets! Special thanks to Dr. Asghar, Doctors – Haritha, Liji, Sruthi, Tulasi, Lineesha, Therapists – Soumya, Anju, Sana, Sajeesh, Rahul and all others! You are all in my heart! and welcome to Karakstan!

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    Kim Lavere

    To my Greens family, Thank you for such a wonderful three months here. Time went by so fast! I am so grateful for the beautiful and amazing doctors who supported me throughout my journey. Thank you to the entire staff for making this such a beautiful environment to study and grow. Hope to see you again soon. And in the meantime I hope to make you proud with what lays ahead of me in my future of Ayurveda and wellness.

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    Saudi Arabia, May 2016

    I would like to thanks all and every individual that made this organization happen and reach to this level of professionalism. I would also like to thank Dr.Asghar for his hospitality. Thanks and hope to see you all soon. Cheers and Salam.

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