Ayurveda Nutrition and Cookery

Duration: 2 weeks & 4 weeks

GANC:2 & 4 weeks
The cookery training makes them experts in Ayurveda nutrition and cooking. How to cook, what to cook, when to cook, and for whom to cook? According to person, disease, season, and time – you are aware of the tastes for each recipe and but also s, each doshas as well as expertize you to cook in Ayurvedic way. Basics of ayurveda, materia medica, qualities of vegetables and spices as per ayurveda, etc How to eat? What are the good combinations- a life style modification program too. You are what you eat: for centuries this has been the basis of most cuisines across the world. But it was Ayurveda, the 5,000 year-plus-holistic Indian health science, which first introduced the art of 'personalised cooking’ or cooking based on the individual body and mental constitution.
Cooking an Ayurvedic meal is a challenge in itself. Ayurveda does not view the process of cooking as separate from that of digestion and nutrition. The focus is on easier digestion and the body's capability of extracting the nutritional essence of the consumed food.

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