Panchakarma Treatments

Ayurvedic manuscripts teach us about the life extension therapies that would transform and rejuvenate every cell in the body to youthful and vital. In this state of relaxation, it is possible to cleanse toxins from tissues as well as to release deeply held emotional tensions while balancing the “Doshas”.


Here at Greens Ayurveda, each patient’s treatment plan is chosen after a full clinical evaluation of his or her physical constitution, illness, mental stress, health concerns, and goals. Our Ayurvedic doctors will then develop a program that suits the unique needs of the individual


Under the guidance of experienced doctors and the healing touch of skilled panchakarma therapists work together to cure and prevent disease as well as rejuvenate the body. We practice the so-called holistic approach with a scientific outlook from this time-tested system of medicine.


Panchakarma (literally meaning “five actions”) is the word for the five different procedures used in Ayurveda that are believed to purify the body. It is a purifying therapy to enhance the metabolic process through intensive treatment procedures, herbal medicines & food. It is used in deep-rooted chronic disease as well as seasonal imbalance of tri-Doshas. As the wastes are eliminated from the body and then the person becomes healthy. In order to stay healthy and fit one should carry out Panchakarma methods-(yearly once- at least) as a way of cleansing and preserving the body.



    Vamana, which literally means vomiting. It is a unique procedure of eliminating the toxins from the body through the oral route by way of inducing vomiting.


    Nasyam, is the nasal administration of medication. An excess of bodily “humors” accumulated in the sinus, throat, nose or head areas is eliminated by means of the nearest possible opening - the nose. This treatment purifies the head and neck. It is useful in curing headaches, migraine, sinusitis, cervical spondylosis, facial palsy, PA shoulder, chronic cold and chest congestion


    Rakthamoksha, which literally means Blood Letting. It is performed to eliminate the toxins from the bloodstream. It can be done by leech application or by venous puncture. It is indicated in disease such as urticaria, rash, eczema, acne, scabies, leucoderma, chronic itching, hepatomegaly, splenomegaly and gout.


    Virechana, by which the impurities and the excessive toxins are made to pass out body through the anus. It is a special treatment for Pitta dosha and Pitta predominant diseases.


    Vasti, in which medicated oil or decoction is made to enter the body through anus to pull out toxins out of the colon. It is considered one of the most important and most powerful aspects of the Panchakarma treatment.

Post regimen in Panchakarma

Special diet regimen should be given for an average of 3-7 days to reach up the body to normalcy.

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