Ayurveda Marma Chakra And Massage

Duration: 2 Weeks

GAMC - Ayurveda Marma Chakra Massage


GAMC is designed for Doctors, Health practitioners, Kiro practitioners, Yoga person, Aromatherapist, Massage therapist or who want to deepen their knowledge into Marma (Vital points) & Chakras and be able to provide their clients for treating various ailments with a healing touch, a wider range of therapeutical application to calm his or her body & soul. And also it helps to balance electrochemical balance in the body and awakening Chakras.


Marma massage with the magic marma stick, age-old scientific interpretations & with its practical knowledge will gain the ultimate approach to heal the pain and give relaxation at the best. Marmas are like small “windows” on the skin surface and subcutaneous layers, acting as mystical junction points between body, mind, and spirit. They are the spaces in between the relative world and the unified field of all possibilities. Activating marma points allows light and prana into the body, transforming the biochemistry of physiology.

Here you can experience why marma points & Chakras enliven our innate intelligence, how marma therapy can be both remedial and diagnostic, uncover the cause of pain and how to alleviate it, develop a set of tools and knowledge for working with the marmas, learn how to add marma therapy to your massage routine, become familiar with the precautionary guidelines, discover your own marma points, understand how marmas are doorways and junctions, learn how to recognize the points on your clients, demonstrate how to relieve pain by using marma, describe the marma bands that exist around each joint, learn the how the marmas are connected to organs, facilitate more flow of prana in your client and yourself, measure the size of each marma and how to palpate them.
Through Chakra massage with special music and a light system, you may attain a different mode of medication and healing power. you can provide deep relaxation and relief from negative emotions. And deeper awareness of Self that you can let go into.

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