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Since 2000, Greens Ayurveda have served pure Ayurvedic treatment/medicinefor more than 100 thousand patients and propagated Ayurveda through different study/training programs across the world.It’s a strong life long relationship with our happy clients; so we would like to spread our wings and avail the pure service at the most comfortable level.

With Ayurveda - The mother of all medicines - we are abide to spread the knowledge of Ayurveda for the man kind, especially in the post Covid era. The sustainable immunity, lifestyle modification, preventive and promotive health needs may be the need of the hour.

We decided to continue our service through Ayurveda consultancy program, for those who is having any future plan to set up a state of art - Ayurveda healing/Rejuvenation center - around the globe.

  • A state of art NEW Ayurvedic Healing Center
  • Franchise
  • Modifying Existing center
  • To upgrade the existing healing canter into a state of art unit with Kerala Panchakarma Ayurveda
  • Technical hands- for skilled doctors and Therapists
  • Instruments
  • Medicines
  • Day to day management & Introduction of new health packages
  • Lifestyle modification workshops
  • Conducting seminars and International Ayurveda work shop, Health programs








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