Welcome to Greens Ayur Center

Welcome to a place where we strive towards the Ayurvedic Philosophy of achieving “perfect health”. Greens Ayur Center is situated in Azhiyur, a charming village where myth and history are interwoven in its culture and healing science, Ayurveda. This village is located in the regal state of Kerala- “God’s Own Country”. Enjoyable beaches with cool, refreshing breezes from the Arabian sea, swaying coconut trees, country yards, the images of fishing boats and the golden sunset on the western horizon makeup and define the area surrounding Greens. All of these romantic features contribute to an unforgettable experience in the care of professional, attentive, and well-trained doctors and staff who abide by the words, “Atithi devo Bhavah”, meaning, “We feel God through our guest”.“Swasthasya swasthya rakshnamaturasya roga nivaranam.” “To rejuvenate and preserve the health of the healthy and alleviate the diseases of the sick.Greens is an internationally renowned center of excellence for Ayurvedic treatments and training programs. We at Greens are dedicated to spreading the authentic knowledge of Ayurveda to the world. Our further specialization in the Kerala School of Ayurveda, offers patients additional healing modalities unique to the Kerala region, while for Ayurveda students, an excellent opportunity to learn these therapies in our training center.


Treatments Treatments
The Ayurvedic philosophy of achieving “prefect health” has been an inspiration in developing a unique and well-devised system at Greens hospital...
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Courses Courses
Our multi aspect syllabus is designed for both beginners and those wishing to continue their studies and/or research at a more advanced level. Our c...
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Facilities Facilities
Accomodation At Greens, you will find well-furnished A/C and non A/C bedrooms. There is a separate out house that can be hired by groups and if you ...
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Olive Leaf Certified center for top most quality Ayurvedic institute Approved by Govt. of Kerala & Govt. of India.

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