Ayurveda Massage & Shirodhara

Duration: 2 Weeks

GAMS 2 weeks: this course would enlighten you with knowledge of the body, how to perform Keralyia Ayurveda massage & Shirodhara procedure. We teach head, face, and body massage, the benefits of it, and how to perform a full-body procedure of massage on your client/ partner without any fear but systematically and with confidence.
Training of Shirodhara helps you to give hands-on practical classes enabling you to do Shirodhara on your clients without anybody. Continuous practical classes conducted by Greens expert therapist under the guidance of Doctors – throughout the day make you more confident and independent.
The course includes training on the basics of Ayurveda along with that Oil preparation and Takra Dhara and some marma points.  

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