Greens Ayurveda Treatments

The Ayurvedic philosophy of achieving “perfect health” has been an inspiration in developing a unique and well-devised system at Greens Ayurveda. It gives equal importance to the body, mind, and soul; Offering holistic treatments based on the bodily constitution and considering the physical illness, mental makeup along with diet pattern, yoga, chakra marma therapy, and rescheduling the lifestyle pattern.

Here, it is not only important to attain a state of “perfect health” but to “protect the health of a healthy person.” Ayurveda is a complete lifestyle.

We accommodate the needs of a diverse client specializing in the curative, preventive, and promotive aspects of Ayurveda as opposed to the simple “masking of the symptoms” as demonstrated in many western medicines. Kerala’s unique therapies and herbal preparations are added to this attraction. Rejuvenation Therapies are offered with the goal of maintaining normal physical, mental and social wellbeing.


Ayurvedic Treatments at Greens Ayurveda will be scheduled after the detailed consultation and discussion made by a panel of Ayurvedic Doctors under the guidance of Chief Physician Dr. C.P. Asghar.

Resident Medical Officer:

In-house doctors staying in the same campus: 24 x 7 (round the clock)

Panchakarma Therapists

Our panchakarma therapists are masters in all panchakarma treatment procedures – each ranging from 3 to 20 years experience in conducting and managing all panchakarma and Kerala special rejuvenating therapies. They have incredible knowledge in the preparation of Ayurvedic classical medicine manufacturing.

Out Patients Department (OPD):

Local inmates are coming for consultation and for medicines at Greens Ayurveda:
The average number of outpatients: 30- 35 per day

In Patients Department (IPD):

45 guest rooms available, 16 state of art PK Treatment rooms, 1 Chakra room, 1 Marma room, 1 Yoga hall along with a library, common areas garden, lawn with hammock, Guest kitchen to try your own food.

Panchakarma Treatment:

Average treatments/ Day : 50- 100 procedures with 16 state of art treatment rooms

Yoga Department:

Yoga therapy is taught by the widely appreciated Dr. Prof. Padmanabhan, Yogic master Atma Ram, Dr. Sandeep, and Miss. Deepthi – Individual and group classes are available.

Ayur Pharmacy:

24 hours in house pharmacy is fully stocked with medicine which is prepared at Greens Ayurveda, according to ancient classical methods, products of all major Ayurveda manufactures, Single herbs, Special combinations- Bulk quantity is also available for the Ayurveda centers
We provide all your required Ayurveda medicines (classical, patent & Greens Ayurveda preparations) at your doorsteps- within India and Internationally- in collaboration with DHL-
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Ayurvedic Kitchen:

Ayurvedic meals are prepared by experienced cooks under the advice of Doctors.

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