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The Ayurveda treatments span many areas and one of them is the beauty therapy. Enhancement of beauty is done by herbs, use of herbs for beauty solutions dates back antiquity. Use of herbs provides natural flawless treatments to skin; nourish it from within, leading to its internal development. When you go through the beauty treatments as prescribed in Ayurveda, you feel rejuvenated and your skin shows radiance. It is because of the fact that these therapies do not only concentrate on the outer skin, but also heals those disorders from inside which are responsible for the health of skin. When those problems are solved, your skin automatically shows brilliance and radiance which is unmatched and hard to attain by any other means.

In Ayurveda, the beauty is more than just skin deep and is a manifestation of the well being of the overall body. There are three dimensions that can define the beauty which are physical, mental and spiritual. Wellness of these dimensions will reflect on the skin and this is what Ayurvedic treatment achieves. Thus, it is quite clear how Ayurvedic beauty treatments work and what they can deliver.

Variety of aspects of beauty, their relationship with your daily routine, and their link with the state of your physical, mental, and spiritual health are made to understand. This program gives an insight to ayurvedic concept of beauty care. The course deals with aspects like ayurvedic approach to beauty. Ayurvedic skin care. Ayurvedic masks, Hair care etc. We offer tailor programs for non-medicinal people as health professionals.

The traditional beauty care tips transferred through generations lost somewhere in our hectic life need to be restored. We are attempting towards that goal with a blending of Ayurvedic concepts and today’s technology. Simpler and effective beauty care tips will be given priority in this program.

Our Ayurvedic Beauty Therapy & Training program will also include hands-on practical training in various aspects of Ayurvedic beauty treatments. We ensure you that course will enhance your practical knowledge as well as your career.

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