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Yoga Clinical & Teachers Training – GACY, GAYT

The Yoga curriculum here at Greensayurveda, which includes Basic aspects, fundamentals of Yoga, Yoga philosophy, anatomy, physiology of Yoga, Different schools of Yoga, Asanas, Different meditation methods, Clinical yoga, Yoga therapy to prevent various ailments, Hatayoga, Chakras, Mudras, Bhandas, Adharas, Bhedas, Pranayama, Yoga Psychology, Transcendental meditation and much more.

No matter what your age, is after the study you will attain the power to change many of the variables, the yogic influences in physical, mental health, how to attain a higher level of health and its consciousness. It matter how long you live, and how active and vital you feel in your later years by the routine practice of yoga. Physical and mental therapy is yoga’s most important achievement. Yoga has succeeded as an alternative form of therapy in various diseases.

Our eminent teachers including Yoga Acharya Atma ram, Yoga Padmanabacharya, and Yogi Deepthi will nourish your Yogic knowledge and open your inner soul to connect the new mysterious world.

Yoga practice is guided from the very beginning with integrative intention, which plays a powerful role in restoring internal balance and harmony, allowing you to progressively move toward the Zero Stress Yoga Zone. Enter this mysterious, paradoxical state of presence where you experience dynamic stillness - meditation in motion. Study modules of course that makes one conscious of the divine within and enables him to grow spiritually. Simultaneously, it generates divine towards God’s creation.

Greens Ayur Pharmacy - GAPP

This course introduces pharmacy practice. The course is planned in such a manner that personnel completing it are made capable of meeting different requirements of both manufacturing and consuming sector for ayurvedic drugs.

Ayurveda medicines are explained under different methodology; The syllabus of this course is synchronized in such a way that thorough knowledge about all medications are provided.

The study involves innovative training programs oriented in identification & differentiation of herbs & raw drugs by herbal walks. Home remedies for common ailments are also made to understand. Study of drugs is to better understand about the herbs used to pacify disease in traditional ways.

The different classical preparations and its usage, contents, posology for adults and children are taught in detailed manner. Single drug therapy transferred through generations are dealt in maximum. The detailed study is capable to make a student perfect to achieve the goal of course. Hence thorough knowledge of classical combinations and therapeutical indications are well understood. Even though mineral usage is minimum in ayurvedic pharmacy, we teach identification & classical combinations of medicine preparation.

Today lots of Ayurvedic Pharmacies are coming up & there's an increase in crisis for herbal products worldwide. In fact it's one of the latest fields with a huge market potential . Hence a need was felt to develop a task force specialized in Ayurvedic Manufacturing &/dispensing. More-over self-employment is the need of the hour & that's why professional courses are in demand.

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