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I am a software engineer I have been suffering from severe cervical pain since many years. Those trapped nerves in between my joints and cervical vertebrae and the pain that increased in every mild action went on aggravating day by day. I have used a lot of allopathic medicines, pain killers and even tried physiotherapy. Still I suffer from pain, dizziness, tingling sensation, numbness extending to my fingertips etc … I even found it hard to sleep and the

Pain keeps me awake whole night.”   Nowadays these are the common words of IT professional.

What Do You Mean by Cervical Spondylosis?

Cervical spondylosis also referred to as cervical osteoarthritis, a spine condition involving wear and tear of the bones, joints and disc of the neck. Though the elderly people are more affected, now over 65% of people older than age 30 have cervical spondylosis. People presents with a non specific neck pain where symptoms have a postural or mechanical basis.

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  Aetiological factors are poorly understood and are usually multi factorial including—

Poor posture, anxiety, depression, neck strain, sporting or occupational activities. Neck pain after whiplash injury also fits into this category provided no bony injury or neurological deficit is present, when mechanical factors are prominent the condition is often referred to as “cervical spondylosis” although the term is often applied to all “non specific neck pain”. Mechanical and degenerative factors are more likely to be present in chronic neck pain.


Things to be Noted…

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#stiffness and pain in neck, reversible or irreversible

#referred pain (occiput, between the shoulder blades, upper limbs)

#vague numbness, tingling or weakness in upper limbs

#dizziness or vertigo

#poor balance

#syncope, triggers migraine

#grinding sensation on movement

How Poor Posture Causes Neck pain?

Bad postures are the main source of neck pain when no other external factors are noticed in such cases recognizing and understanding poor posture can play an important role in finding neck pain relief.

Good Posture and Poor Posture.

Good posture is commonly considered when the ears are positioned directly above their shoulders with the chest open and shoulders back .In this neutral position also called, normal head posture stress on the neck is minimised 

Forward head posture occurs when the neck laps forward facing the head further in front of the shoulders rather than directly above his head position can lead to several problems. Such as:

  1. increase stress on the cervical spine
  2. hyper flexion and hyperextension
  3. muscle overload
  4. hunched upper back

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How Ayurveda Can Help…

  1. For the better Ayurvedic management we can classify Cervical Spondylosis into three categories:
  2. With dominancy of pain
  3. When Vata Dosha is predominant, it is considered as a chronic degenerative disorder.
  4. With dominancy of dizziness
  5.  When Pitta Dosha is predominant.
  6. With dominancy of numbness
  7. Kapha Dosha Predominant cervical spondylosis.

Internal medications to balance the aggravated doshas aiming at reducing pain & inflammation, increasing blood circulation to the area, correction of any deficiency of calcium etc are advised. Rather than that, panchakarma treatments such as Abhyangam, swedanam, lepanam , nasya ,greeva pichu, greeva vasti, patra-potali swedam etc are also done according to the conditions and their chronicity. Yoga & Exercises helps in relaxing and stimulating both cervical and shoulder muscle, rectifying postural defects, helps to distress.

Simple lifestyle modifications, daily exercises, detoxifications and proper diet management can prevent this condition. Postural corrections while working, reading, sleeping also helps in its prevention. We all know that ‘prevention is better than cure’.

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