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18 Jul

Monsoon Ayurveda Treatments – The Best Time For Rejuvenation

Monsoon Ayurvedic treatments (karkidaka chikitsa)  is a traditional practice in Kerala that has been practiced since long back. It is a unique aspect of Ayurveda.  Treatment done in monsoon season is having great importance in healing the ailments and also considered as the ideal time for purification  and rejuvenation.
It can help in strengthening the body, enhancing  the immunity and maintaining the health. Ayurveda treatments Kerala during monsoon prevent various kinds of vata diseases, arthritis, gastric disturbances, asthma,  diarrhoea,  indigestion,  and skin diseases etc.
Ayurvedic medicines and diet play an effective and vital role in controlling as well as treating monsoon disorders.

During monsoon we can adopt the following treatments along with special diet based on the condition of patient.

Abhyanga and swedana

Whole body Kerala ayurvedic massages with medicated oils followed by sudation therapy which improves the circulation along with lubrication and nourishment of body system.


Administration of medicated  oils into the nostrils,  which clears the channels above the chest and nourishes all the sense organs.


Administration of medicated oil / decoctions through the rectum to balance the vitiated vata Dosha during monsoon.


It is the purification procedure to balance the pitta dosha.


It is one of the best nourishing treatment  where the medicated oil pouring all over the body.


Pouring medicated oil over forehead for a constant relaxation.

Special diet

Karkidaka kanji(medicated rice gruel)

It is a special diet during monsoon season prepared with njavara (medicinal rice)  along with many herbal powders.

It is a healthy tonic to boost immune system, balance Dasha, improves stamina and energy and cures many diseases. You can also find here the detailed preparation of Karkidaka Kanji.

Also follow  the diet which is more digestive  and carminative. Ayurveda has designed karkidaka chikitsa to have clinical, mental,  and physical benefits and also it is called as the month of rejuvenation of body and mind.

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