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22 Sep

New graduates at Greens Ayurveda

Everyone was happy for the three new graduates at Greens Ayurveda, do cheer for them friends!

These latest graduates were totally in pride and enthusiasm as they got

The three lucky Greens graduates we are talking about are Laurence Shasthri, Francisca and Ana who successfully completed their courses.

They received their coveted certificate to start a new journey into their professional zone. All of us clapped and wished for them happily and built the good groove of friendship and healing around.

Look at them smiling here with full on positivity and a sense of achievement on their faces. They have paved a better and brighter way to more new students at Greens. We wish them only the very best and more of such achievements in future.



The three are also inspiration to anyone who wants to take up this course at Greens. Just contact us if you too want to own your coveted Greens Graduation. Contact us immediately if you love a natural and healthy life and you wish to educate the world with this precious knowledge from the knowledge treasures of India.

Become a natural healer or a student who uses only nature as inspiration to cure diseases or to find a holistic natural life for you. Begin at Greens and come back we love to hear from you about your success and milestones.

Heal thyself and heal the sick using Ayurveda treatments in Kerala hidden treasures. Greens Ayurveda gifts the science of living in tune with nature.

 Nature is the only medicine we need! For further enquiries do visit Greens Ayurveda today.


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