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21 Sep

2016 Onam Celebrations at Greens Ayurveda Training Center

Hurrah! We dit it again! Yeah, yet again, we got more than one reason to celebrate at our Ayurveda training center Kerala.

At Greens Ayuveda, Our Onam celebrations went in full throttle thanks to our staff. So it was double pleasure and double celebration.

Look at how our staff are all beaming with grins that covers up their faces. Each of them arrived early and the place was decorated with colorful Onam decorations. The pookalam or floral arrangement on the floor was stunning reflecting the joy in our hearts. They all helped to make the day quite a special moment in their life.

They were all looking absolutely happy in their traditional attire of mundu and veshti and all the rest. We thought that we went back in time when Mahabali ruled Kerala, when there was no evil anywhere. Only smiles and honest people and honest deeds.

As you must be already knowing when we party thoroughly and Onam is already the harvest festival that needs no further explanations, especially if you love to be happy. Being happy has become a habit for our students and staff here. Everybody is ready to extend their charm once they reach here. Celebrations are just one more feather to our great healing experience.

Want to know more go through the photographs and you will know. Plus this time King Mahabali had come to offer some blessings to all the staff.


After that we had our Onam Sadya which had all the several food that aesthetically satisfied the senses of the guest. There were the rice, paapads, karis and several kootu-karis and flavors that evoked pure bliss. Paysam was of course the chief guest among all the food prepared that day.

Oh yes, we had a drumming session with the drummers who turned out to be kids. Everyone relished to the sounds of the drums and chimes.

Greens Ayurveda trains you in the healthy science of fighting disease and coping life in sync with nature. Our motto is get healed and cured and live in a natural way through Ayurveda treatments in Kerala! Everything is genuine here because we believe that Ayurveda treatments starts from nature and the happy surroundings of Kerala.

Get in touch with us today for further details!

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