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The essential procedures which prepares the doshas to be fit for elimination, before the actual purification process is called as Purvakarma. They are four in number. It includes Deepana, Pachana, Snehana and Swedana. Pachana (Carminative) does digestion of ama, Deepana (Digestives) does separation of dosha from dhatu, Snehana (Oleation) does excitation of dosha and Swedana (Sudation) brings the dosha from extremities to alimentary canal.

The whole purification procedure depends upon the proper mobilization of dosha from extremities, which is achieved with the help of Snehana and Swedana. Anything against any physiological activity of the body is bound to aggravate the Vata dosha. Hence Oleation and sudation properties are helpful in protecting the body from the negative onslaught of vata dosha. Acharya Susruta says the purification given without Oleation and sudation would destroy the body like the dried wood. Just as dirt of cloth is separated and washed by soap and water, so by oleation and sudation, the toxic matter in the body is segregated and washed out by purification. So after deepana, pachana, snehana and swedana, the dosha should be expelled from nearest route at proper time according to the strength of disease and patient.

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