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15 Jan

Testimonial About Greens Ayurveda By Jeevan

Since the last 10 years I was looking for a center in Kerala where panchakarma is practiced with traditional ways and at the same time there is an awareness program for the patients, Students or guests.

What is Traditional? 

The doctors or Vaidyas are the pivot or main part in the traditional Ayurveda.I believe that, well- trained Ayurveda graduates (B.A.M.S) and Post graduates (MD) who can understand the problem of a person, listen the patient, spending time for the patient and advice in a good manner
is the best treatment more than the Panchakarma.

The therapists doing their treatments with loving hands, knows exactly the areas of pain during Abhyanga or other oil treatments is the second

part in the process of Healing.An old Vaidya who prepare the medicines in the pharmacy according to the need of a patient and not for a commercial scale makes the center more authentic And some of the medicines or Herbal balls for massage etc. are freshly prepared locally available green medicinal plants. This makes the greens more Green !

This what I tell traditional. And all these elements are perfectly done in Greens Ayurveda. This is missing in most of the centers of Kerala. Commercially available medicines, Spa trained therapists, no Ayurveda doctors to whom you can talk and explain your problems are missing in mops of the centers of India but also in the other parts of the world.

After several years of travelling from South of Kerala to North, I found Greens Ayurveda under the Guidance of an Ayurveda Dr. Asghar and his colleagues is one of the centers where you can get treatments or basic studies in Ayurveda.

(While selecting Panchakarma or Studies we should keep it in mind that the center will be authentic and medical if the center is run by a doctor, on the other hand most of them will be commercial. Look the doctor first: you are going for a healing or studies; and then look the center is it affordable and clean)

Some of the highlights what I have seen in this center are.

  1. It is simple and affordable price, not a resort with big ambience and unaffordable price
  2. It is medical treatments but not wellness spa.
  3. It is integrated in a village near to a city so that you can see the normal life, but not in a remote place or in 5 star hotels where you do not experience the Indian Life.
  4. You can learn something from Ayurveda as a course, Yoga asanas and pranayama from Indian teachers, cooking courses along with your treatment schedules if you are interested. Most of the places you do only treatments and you do not learn and you cannot bring back anything to your country as teachings from Ayurveda.
  5. Food is simple, vegetarian, not many dishes to fill your senses but enough to fill your stomach and good for your digestion during the course of Panchakarma.
  6. And the center is clean and you have all the basic things what you need.
  7. More than everything I found the doctors, therapists, Pharmacy staff, Kitchen staff and the cleaning staff are self satisfied and that makes the center most beautiful

Thank you Dr. Asghar for a broad vision. Let the God of Ayurveda gives you more energy to heal the needy.
Thank you Dr. Sruthi, Dr.Liji, Dr.Thulasi, Dr.Haritha, Dr.Lineesha, Raghavettan, Rajani, Mini, KarunanVaidyar,  Sukumaran ,  Sumeesh and  Santhosh for your personal Care.



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