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27 Oct

Again, It’s Celebration Time for Greens Ayurveda!

Celebration Time For Greens AyurvedaAnother day of celebration at Greens Ayurveda, with another batch of students all set to kick start as professionals!

Congratulations to each and every student at Greens Ayurveda for the successful completion of their courses! We proudly present before you some of the exclusive shots of our pride, our students who have emerged as professional Ayurvedic lifestyle consultants with profound knowledge in relating health science with nature.

At Greens Ayurveda, we have furnished a complete package of Ayurvedic medicine and we will ensure that you are an expert Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant within 12 weeks of time. Anyone with an interest in life science can opt for this course, which means you can enroll even if you are a fresher or a Health practitioner, Yoga person, fitness instructor, nurse or aroma therapist. With our specially tailored course, we will ensure that you get a deeper insight into Ayurvedic medicine and its practice that will help you to be a perfect professional Ayurvedic practitioner or consultant.

Greens Ayurveda has come up with a specifically designed training program wherein we believe you can cure your patients with just a healing touch no matter what their ailment is. We combine natural healthcare guidelines along with curative, preventive and promotional lifestyle management tips, anti stress, anti aging and therapeutic applications that holds the secret to heal a person’s body while rejuvenating their soul.

We apply natural therapies and lifestyle interventions to prevent and cure various illnesses. At Greens Ayurveda we collaborate your learning programs with the basic principles of Ayurveda, yoga physiology, healthy diet & Ayurvedic nutrition, rejuvenation therapies and Panchakarma that forms the foundation of Ayurveda. The classes are imparted under the guidance of well experienced and highly qualified Ayurvedic medical doctors.

Apart from these we will also train you on Marma massage, kizhis, and preparation of different Kerala herbal medicines and also the Ayurvedic style of cooking. We will unveil to you all the nature’s secrets of curing, preventing and treating illnesses with the magic of rejuvenating the body & mind.

Enroll in our Ayurveda courses in Kerala today and emerge as an expert Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant.

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