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07 Oct

Things To Keep In Mind While Taking Online Ayurvedic Course

The covid-19 pandemic brought changes to a number of things around the world. Our lifestyles changed overnight and so did the way we learn. Educational institutions all over the world have adapted to these changes and have moved to a digital platform partially or completely. Before the pandemic it was easy for someone to find a good centre for study and inspect it personally but with the current changes some might be worried about making the right choices and those doubts are exactly what this blog is aiming to address.

Let’s take a look at few of the advantages of taking online courses especially ayurveda courses in Kerala. India is where ayurveda originated and among a number of other states Kerala has successfully kept this science alive by following the principles laid down thousands of years ago along with necessary adaptations with changing times. With the increasing popularity of ayurveda and its relevance in today’s world more people have been coming forward to learn this ancient science. A 5 ½ year under graduate course might not be the cup of tea for all and keeping that in mind we have come up with various short term courses designed to cater to the interests of a variety of people. All the classes used to be held at our campus but with changed times we have made it available on an online platform as well.

Advantages of Online Ayurvedic Course Classes

By choosing an online ayurvedic course you have the convenience of learning something of your choice from the comfort of your home.

It is hassle free since you need not travel or make contact with others which ensures your safety and well being. This is a convenient option for people living in different countries and also those experiencing difficulty to travel long distances.

You need not go through hundreds of brochures to select the best courses from the best institution because everything is available at the click of a mouse.

The paper work is so much less because everything is being provided on a digital platform.

Things ou  Need to Keep in Mind While Opting for an Online Ayurvedic Course?

  •     Choosing the right institution is the first and foremost thing that you need to consider. When you have decided to learn ayurveda go for an institution that has experience in this field, follows the traditional practices of ayurveda and is dedicated in spreading the true knowledge to aspiring students.
  •     Always look for institutions with valid certification. You might be able to avail the same or a similar course from a number of other institutions but your certificate will be valid only if the course and the institution have been recognized and approved by the relevant councils.

If you take a course without proper background check there is every chance that you might end up with a certificate with no validity due to which you are left with no benefits of doing such a course. It will only lead to a loss of money and valuable time.

  •     Make sure you fully understand what kind of knowledge you will gain on doing a particular course. Sometimes just knowing the course names won’t be sufficient so it is very important that you fully understand what a particular course is all about. For example if you are looking to learn Kerala ayurvedic massage or panchakarma therapy, go for institutions that specialize in such courses.
  •     Understand the relevancy of a course and analyze whether it will help you create a job or add to your pre existing skills. If you are a dietitian or a life style consultant taking an ayurveda nutrition course will definitely add credits to your profile. Instead if you enroll in various courses without any particular aim or proper knowledge about the course you will end up with various certificates that do not really help in build your career or knowledge. Therefore it is very important to know what course to choose by understanding its materiality and application in your personal or professional life.
  •     If you choose ayurveda purely for your love for the science or out of curiosity make sure you enroll for the basic courses first. Because only when you have a strong foundation will you be able to create something out of it.
  •     Check if the courses have any eligibility criteria. This will help you enroll in the right courses with the basic knowledge you have.
  •     Do a proper research into the mode of teaching and the languages the courses are offered in.

What Does Greens Ayurveda Have to Offer

Greens ayurveda is one among the first hospitals to set up a training centre for ayurveda courses in Kerala. The faculty which includes doctors, teachers and therapists are highly skilled and well trained in their respective fields. A lot of students have successfully received training in various fields from our institution.

We concentrate on providing relevant courses on various subject matters discussed in ayurveda such as Panchakarma training, Ayurveda beauty treatments, Marma and Chakra massage,    Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant Ayurvedic Nutrition, Nutrition and Cookery, Greens Ayurveda Pharmacy Programme etc.

The certificate you receive after completing a course at Greens Ayurveda is valid for life and can be used anywhere in the world.

Students taking the online ayurvedic course have access to digital copies of the courses they opt for and in case of doubts regarding a class,students have the option to post their queries in the students group where a teacher will see to it that the queries are addressed. If a personal session with the teacher is required by the student, considering the time limit and convinience such a session can be made available as well.

We have conducted courses in different foreign languages like French, Arabic, Spanish and Russia and working on providing the courses in various other languages as well.

Greens Ayurveda has been fortunate enough to train people from a number of different countries who have gone ahead to create a successful venture in their respective fields and we look forward to welcoming more such people looking to learn the true essence of ayurveda.

Are you looking for Ayurveda treatments in Kerala? Do visit Greens Ayurveda at Calicut to undergo treatments. Contact us to fix an appointment right away. 

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