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19 Jun

Seasonal Regimen For A Healthy Body

“Everything that exist in the external universe also appears in the internal cosmos of the human body”.

Natural cycles like seasons, day, waning, waxing are related with this elements. This is because these elements are dominant at particular times.

So in our daily life we should balance these elements with internal body and external climate.

The change from one season to another season is called Ritu Sandhi in ayurveda. It refers to the gap between seasons. This is a delicate time where many changes happen in our external and internal body. We should protect our body during this season by doing purification and pacification treatments, along with proper diet and lifestyle. Digestive system will be very sensitive during this period. Caryas/ Regimens of  previous rithu should be discontinued gradually & regimens of  coming rithu should be gradually adopted. Check out the best monsoon ayurveda treatments.

During Hemantha/ winter season due to the atmospheric cold the heat of the body is conserved inside by constriction, so during this season we should protect Jatharagni by having heavy and nourishing kind of food.

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From cold season while moving to Hot/ Grishma Rtu slowly stop having heavy & hot food because during the hot season agni & vayu elements will be high and intense rays of sun may dries unctuousness and moisturness from body, so here food should be sweet, cooling, unctuous and liquid and good to avoid salt, sour & spicy food.

From Grishma while moving to rainy season sudden changes may occur in this universe. Land is moist with rain, so moistness in the body gets enhanced along with coldness, which produces low digestion/ improper digestion. So to prevent digestion problems one should follow the diet which protects agni from the last week of summer itself, by adding food which made with barley, rice, meat soup, dal soup etc. 

Some tips For Ritusandhi:

  • Follow diet which is light & warm
  • Examples like rice soup with steamed vegetables, kichari, red rice kanji, vegetable soups.
  • Don’t skip meals. Avoid junk foods, ice creams.
  • ½ tsp triphala at night with one glass warm water
  • Wake up before sunrise and do pranayama & light exercises

Tips for Rainy season:

Tips for Rainy season

  • Add light and warm diet
  • Drink hot infusion with ginger, pepper, cumin &           
  • Soups with pulses (eg: green gram soup)
  • Have food with oil & honey
  • Good to add red rice, barley & millets in daily diet
  • Avoid day sleep & exertion

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Tips for Summer season:

Tips for Summer

  • Food which is cold, sweet, light, cooling & liquid diet.
  • Have syrup with sariba or Draksha
  • Drink water which kept in mud vessels
  • Good to expose body with wind or moonlight
  • Apply sandal paste all over the body
  • Take dhanyaka hima (cold infusion with coriander)
  • Panakam with chandana, ushira, musta, parpataka, udeecya & Nagara.

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Tips for Cold Season:

Tips for Cold

  • Digestive fire will be powerful during this season
  • Have timely food
  • Daily oil massage
  • Meat soups are indicated
  • Good to add wheat, black gram & milk in diet
  • Sweet, sour & salty tastes are good for this time
  • Seasonal purification helps to maintain body by balancing Doshas.

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