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27 Nov

Health Benefits of Ayurveda Over Modern Medicine

Ayurveda is a science of life and longevity. The word Ayurveda itself can be split into two parts to get more specific meaning, where ayu means – age, life, longevity, and veda means – knowledge. Ayurveda is believed to have existed before 5000 years in India, is perhaps the most ancient method of healing system in the world. The theory of Ayurveda is grounded on a collective science of mind (manas), body (sharira) sense organs (indriyas) and of course the soul.

Ayurveda is a life discipline that comprises of everything that has to do to with life, food, balanced diet, nutrition, lifestyle, exercises, yoga, and health conditions and how we approach to those treatments. When comparing this ancient methodology of ayurveda v/s modern medicine of treatment, the benefits of ayurveda medicines has got quite a deep healing effect on any kind of health issues and also ails aged diseases.  

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Benefits of Ayurvedic Medicine

Benefits of Ayurvedic Medicine

What are the benefits of ayurveda? It is a well-known fact that the natural science of Ayurveda gets to the roots of any disease and later focuses on how to completely eliminate it. This way its medicines deal with the medical treatment in a complete responsive manner towards the body system. Moreover it does not try to suppress the disturbing factor that creates the disease. Best part when taking ayurveda and modern medicine is that this treatment is thought of as a permanent cure.

Ayurvedic specialists strongly believe that disease stems from unevenness seen in the three doshas or the basic energy of the body like Vata, Pitta and Kapha. It uses several aspects together to heal even several threatening conditions. For instance, the treatment uses several herbal remedies, stress relief, lifestyle changes and a well-balanced healthy diet to heal all sorts of conditions. This brings back the original vigor of the body by bringing it in a balanced state.

What is a Modern Medicine –  Benefits and Disadvantages

Modern medicine follows a system that treats each disease separately and assumes that the mind and body separate. So any particular disease is taken up and treated according to the symptoms exhibited. The modern or the allopathic treatment treats the physical health including damaged and worn-out organs of body that can be treated, repaired or replaced which is only possible in the modern medical science. Modern medicine is the only stream in the medical science, which has mastered the art of organ replacement. Here it is believed that it is the pathogens that enters the body and causes the disease. Therefore the diseases are treated eradicating or killing these germs and illness causing viruses to restore good health. In emergency conditions allopathic medicine is truly a blessing. The modern medicine is advancing at an astonishing rate, increasing our life span.

There are quick treatment and drug found for any diseases or ailment and longer life, but are we living better actually, that is indeed a matter of debate. Though there are key discoveries made and robotics introduced in allopathic treatment, there are no measures for prevention of diseases rather than treating it.

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Ayurveda v/s Modern Medicine

Ayurveda vs Modern Medicine

Ayurveda has one secret hidden within its natural core that makes it popular – this method has no side effects whatsoever as the Ayurvedic medicines are created by the essence of natural herbs, plant roots, spices, vegetables and fruits. But when comparing Ayurveda and Modern medicines, there are several well-known side-effects while using Allopathic medicines including allergies, weakness and the infamous hair-loss. This must be the eventual outcome since they are made synthetically using chemicals which will harm even the immunity system.

Another major contradicting point in Ayurveda v/s modern medicine is – the Allopathic medicines purify the system of the body only partially. While all Ayurvedic products and medicines help to detoxify the body and clean it. Ayurveda focuses chiefly in the detoxification as a primary part of the treatment and believes that the disease causing factors should be removed. Until that is achieved inside the body, diseases shall return again and again.

Other thing to be considered here is the time. The Ayurvedic treatment takes a while to be really show-up effective results which is opposite to the allopathic treatment. Allopathic medicine cures the disease quicker but only for a short period and it may cause many side effects. It treats only the outer symptoms of the disease while leaving the root untouched. However, benefits of ayurveda to cure particular system of body by treating the origin of the problem which can later enable you to remain healthy for long term in life. It is shocking that allopathic system of medicine gives only temporary solution to certain diseases. It cannot offer long-lasting cure for serious disease like hemiplegia, hemorrhoids, arthritis, etc. Surprisingly Ayurveda can successfully cure you of these diseases permanently. Slow but permanent cure is the power of Ayurveda since it completely focuses on the root cause of the ailment. Ayurveda strongly uses the “Prakriti” or body with its Doshas alongside the requirements of the age of the patient.

When speaking about Ayurveda v/s modern medicine, Ayurveda was founded as a selfless service to help patients get into a healthy lifestyle and has a holistic approach, whereas Allopathic treatment is usually known to be a profession which can earn you more money.

There has always been a battle between Allopathic and Ayurvedic medicine. Remember that the entire approach to sickness as a selfless service to help patients get into a healthy lifestyle. So you will not be surprised to see that after an Ayurvedic treatment the patient will find progress in their mental, physical and psychological aspects as well. It does it by successfully restoring the accurate balance of the human body. Of course the healing is done in a healthy way with no known side-effects, whilst you recover from even dangerous diseases.

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